Your shackles

You hold the key to your shackles.

It’s good to do a little self evaluation throughout your life. I’ve found it to help me grow as a person – as an individual on this enormous spinning ball.

I read an article by Leo Babauta who wrote a lengthy piece on “Changing Behavior”, listing these guidelines. But I’ve condensed them for my life.

These tips have helped me make changes in my personal behavior.

Read through the steps and adapt them to your life needs.

Dig a little deeper in yourself – we can all use a little tweaking.

1) Feel the pain of the experience – people don’t like to make changes unless motivated. Feel the emotion of the moment.

2) Turn toward the problem or issue – let yourself think about it. Accept it’s the way it is and can be changed (if only in your mind) with your understanding and acknowledgement.

3) Pick one distinct change you’d like to achieve – dissect the big change down to one specific goal at a time.

4) Commit big time – announce to someone/everyone who will hold you accountable. This is a critical step to your success.

5) Learn to believe that you can – truly believe in you.

6) Use failure to learn – don’t be afraid to go backward to move forward.

7) Don’t believe the negative self talk.

8) Find support – there are millions of people on this planet, many who will understand. We were not meant to take this journey alone.

9) Create the right positive, and negative, feedback to lead to your success.

I am thankful we have the ability to reason and continually enhance the quality of our journey.