A Young Man

We saw Justin today.

There is something deeper about him now. His personality always lit up a room, but it’s different. A quiet sense of peace and determination surround him.

His beautiful blue eyes still full of life, graced now by the devious looking scar on the side of his head.

“The girls like the scar”, he laughed.

What a spirit he’s been gifted. To carry on his life with an endless smile is an asset from God. Somewhere inside of this young man is an eternal fountain of good. I always thought he was a decent guy, but now, now there is more.

He understands why there are people who simply can’t face him.

He understands the fear of losing life and the fight that’s needed to keep going.

Wise beyond his slender years we gravitate to him even more. In our supporting him through this part of his life journey, he gives us more than he could ever dream. He shows us a window into an eternal soul.

Justin is a brain cancer survivor.