Our Society

As I watch the extended coverage of the tornado destruction in Moore, OK, I am again amazed and proud of my America.

Despite our everyday differences of ethnicity, religion, politics, sexual preference – any and all of it – we pull together to help each other. In these disastrous circumstances no one sees our self-imposed barriers. People see the need of others. They work side by side – not seeing the differences, but seeing the humanity of their work.

What a blessing our true selves reveal. In others time of need, we put aside our personal needs and biases and give. The revelation is (to me) we (as humans) do truly care (dare I say love) about each other. Every person helping, to their capacity, anyone who needs assistance. For a window of time society’s barriers are dropped and the human spirit is exposed.

This time will pass, as did September 11, Newtown, Boston and every other devastating situation in which America pulled together. Everyone will go back to their day to day lives in a world that is all about “us”.

I’m not passing judgment, as I am not a saint. It’s simply a personal observation that amazes me. In each and every of these heartbreaking moments Americans inspire me by showing their best side.

“Duty makes us do things well, but love makes us do them beautifully”.
Quote by Zig Ziglar