Create Your Vision of Success

1. What excites you?

It is important to distinguish between mere “happiness” or “contentment” and true, honest excitement. Most people when creating a vision for their life or their business tend to focus on what will make them “happy”. (If this works for you then by all means, go for it, but personally I have found that “happy” is just not motivating enough for me.)

“Excitement” motivates me to act whereas “happiness” and “contentment” are just…nice.

You want to focus on what truly excites you- what will cause you to spring out of bed in the morning completely excited about the day ahead?

2. What does an exciting financially independent future look and feel like to you? What will you be doing during the day? During the evenings?

3. Where will you live? In the US or another country? If in the US, which state? City or country? Can you describe your ideal home/apartment/living space?

4. Whom will you hang out with? People are so important to our happiness! Whom do you want to spend your time with and why will they want to spend time with YOU?

5. What will you eat (and drink if you are a wino like me)? Are you a “foodie”? Will you grow your own organic vegetables and entertain your friends? Or do you hate to cook and want to eat out all of the time instead? Or is “food” just not that important to you and not even a factor to consider?

6. What type of activities will you engage in? Will you travel? Golf? Swim? Read? Paint? Ski? Surf?

7. What will you do to create value for other people? (Assuming you don’t want to simply waste away in quiet misery doing nothing for no one for the rest of your life…) Do you want to work at all? Volunteer? Write a book? Write a song? Create something of some sort for others? 

Why is this vision important to you?

As you are fleshing out your vision, you also need to ask yourself why this is important to you. Why does financial independence matter to you? Why is your vision so important to your future that you are willing to change what you are doing now to achieve it?

What will happen if you do nothing?

Capture your fears, and then set up your environment and your mind so that there is no other option for you except success.

You must want to achieve your vision in your heart of hearts, and you must understand what’s at stake if you don’t try. Otherwise, when the inevitable difficulties and roadblocks arise (and believe me, they will, that is just the way life works!), you will do the worst possible thing: quit.

And that is the only way you can fail…by quitting.

By Susan Fujii