Eat Smaller

Are you trying to lose weight and fighting an uphill battle? Here are a few tips to help you start on your healthier lifestyle journey. If you aren’t quite ready to commit to the “diet” (food choice) adjustment in your life, change how you are eating RIGHT NOW.

Incorporate these simple tips to lessen the quantity of food you put in your mouth. This will immediately help you be more aware of exactly how much you are consuming. Being “aware” is a baby step to the lifestyle adjustments you will need to make to lose, and keep off, excess pounds.

  • Use a smaller plate – less area to fill and looks full even with the same amount of food you would normally choose. Try to leave more and more space on your smaller plate
  • Downsize silverware or try chopsticks – it will make you more aware of how many bites you are putting in your mouth
  • Slow down! Take the time to chew and taste your food (smaller silverware will help you slow down also)
  • Use tall skinny glasses and smaller wine glasses – you’ll be drinking less, but in a full glass
  • Keep an eating log – great tool to use to be aware of exactly how much and what you are putting in your mouth. Do NOT cheat – you will only be lieing to yourself
  • Snack wise – clean out the junk! Prepare good snacks so they are easily accessible.

Begin to take control of your life with these easy tips. Once you start to see the weight coming off, it will give you incentive to move forward to the next step – choosing better, more nutritious foods.

Baby steps to success!!!!

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