Not the only person

I can’t be the only person to genuinely enjoy salads. I eat a different variation of a salad each and every day – maybe throw in a bowl of soup or a good steak – but yes, the green leafy stuff…. every day. I feel absolutely satisfied after my conglomeration of vegetation. My base salad of choice is organic mixed baby greens (in a specfic pretty bowl). Then everything else I add is open to what I have on hand. Most of the time I chop a clove or two of fresh garlic to sprinkle over the top of the assembled textures (great for my metabolism and immune system – and to keep people at arms length).

Each day I choose from a variety of simple additions such as: tomatoes (I’m impatiently awaiting my garden’s donation of tasty morsels), lots of sweet (preferably Vidalia) onion, olives (black, Kalamata, Greek), sunflower seeds (or any nuts I have available), seasonal fruit (particularly berries), cucumbers, occaisionally a few small pieces of cheese (Feta, Blue, Mozzarella),hard-boiled eggs. This list is endless and I’m always trying new things in my simple salads.

Since I am a creature of habit, my dressing of choice for the past 3 years has been rice vinegar and extra virgin olive oil drizzled over the top, with a dash of coarse black pepper and sea salt  (I had previously used balsamic vinegar). If you haven’t tried rice vinegar (I use Nakano seasoned rice vinegar), you have GOT to try it. It’s mild flavor is awesome on the baby greens with the olive oil and any seasonings you may want to mix in. People close to me think I’m totally crazy for eating the same dressing on my salads for years. But I LIKE it. I don’t need variety in the dressing, only in all the tender little goodie morsels mixed in the bed of my beautifully colorful “greens” (which I buy by the 2 lb tubs).

A salad everyday. No – I am not boring. And yes – I am quite healthy thank you very much.

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